Kinderfield School Cibinong

Welcome to Kinderfield School Cibinong

"We strive to build children’s leadership skills and independence in a safe, nurturing, and loving environment."

Principal of Kinderfield Cibinong

Here at Kinderfield Cibinong, we aim to engage children in an innovative learning program, designed in a way to harness their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Using the Montessori method and guided by professional teachers, we strive to build children’s leadership skills and independence in a safe, nurturing, and loving environment. 

Kinderfield Cibinong currently offers five levels of education, namely, Toddler, Kiddy 1, Kiddy 2, Kindergarten A, and Kindergarten B. We are glad to be part of the children’s learning experience. With facilities that support our effort in delivering the best education for your children, we hope they benefit the best from our learning program. Parents’ involvement and cooperation are also much appreciated to ensure that children’s learning processes run smoothly.

Visit us and get a free trial class for your children to experience the fun of learning and get to know our lovely teachers and staff.

Ms. Mercy Wongkar
Principal of Kinderfield Cibinong

Class Room

All classrooms are arranged to stimulate children in learning and develop skills.

Discovery Room and Library

An individual classroom equipped with Montessori education tools that help children discover and learn about their five senses to foster their learning abilities and Library where children learn new things through books.

Computer Room

With access to computers and multimedia, Computer Room helps children learn new things through educational programs, movies and games.

Gymnastic Room

A 48 sqm wide room where children can exercise and train their motor skills together with their teachers.

Outdoor Playground

With more room to play in, children are often more active when outside, which helps them to build strong bones and good fitness levels.

Indoor Playground

Indoor Playground provides a very safe and secure environment for children to play in and it also helps children learn to take turns, share and develop other positive behavioral skills.

Dramatic-play Room

A room filled with imagination where children can be anything they want to be.

School Location & Map

Kinderfield School Cibinong - Bogor
Taman Niaga No. 27 – 28
Erfina Kencana Regency
Jl. Lingkar GOR Pakansari
Kab. Bogor


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