Welcome to Kinderfield School Jambi!

Welcome to Kinderfield School Jambi!

Kinderfield Jambi is an inclusive and thriving learning community that prepares students for life by giving them the qualifications, skills and confidence that they need to be successful in the wider world.

Principal of Kinderfield Jambi

We are an ambitious, loving, outward-looking school and we believe that all of our students deserve the best education. Our core purpose at Kinderfield Jambi School is to be “Responsible to Life.” We work closely with our partner schools to benefit from giving and receiving shared resources, facilities, and wider support for the school.

We care for our students to have high self-confidence. We expect them to arrive on time, dress smartly, behave respectfully, be able to take pride in their achievement, and to learn. Our curriculum is innovative and broad, providing a range of courses tailored to students’ needs. We challenge students to have fun learning, stretch their thinking, and achieve. We have an excellent and dedicated staff who work relentlessly to ensure these high standards are maintained and built upon.

Good academic skills are important to us, but we strongly believe in the importance of a well-rounded education where enrichment activities and wider student development are equally valued. Our unique enrichment program offers a range of exciting learning opportunities beyond the classroom, inspiring our students, and developing their talents.

Our students, teachers, and staff are proud of the school and we would be delighted to meet you at one of our open events. We are also happy to make individual appointments for prospective parents, students, or members of the community to visit us.

Ms. Jovita Tjahjadi, M. Sc.
Principal of Kinderfield Jambi

KDF Jambi -  School Lobby
School Lobby

We welcome parents and children to join our education program, where we prepare children to live a responsible life in accord with our motto 'Responsible-to-Life'.

KDF Jambi - Preschool Classroom
Preschool Classroom

We provide a safe and hygienic classroom for our preschoolers to learn.

KDF Jambi -  Kindergarten Classroom
Kindergarten Classroom

We provide a well-lit and colorful classroom for our kindergarten children to learn.

KDF Jambi - Gymnastics Room
Gymnastics Room

In our gymanstics room, children can develop their gross motor skills through exercises in a safe and stimulating area.


In our library corner, children can develop their language skills and have fun reading all our picture books.

KDF Jambi - Computer Room
Computer Room

In our computer room, our children are interested and very well-engaged when they learn using interactive educational computer games.

KDF Jambi - Discovery Area
Discovery Area

Our discovery area provides children with Montessori materials to explore their senses.

School Location & Map

Kinderfield School Jambi
Jl. Kol. Amir Hamzah RT 24 Kel. Selamat, Kec. Danau Sipin.

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