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We educate students to be responsible-to-life individuals who are ready to face challenges and be a good leader for the community.

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We have 18 locations across Indonesia: Jabodetabek, West Java, Sumatera, and Kalimantan.


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“Sophia sangat menyukai sekolah dan tidak pernah mau melewati satu hari pun untuk hadir di sekolah. Karena dia menyukai pelajaran, para guru, dan teman-teman di Kinderfield School.”

Devi Yunitri Primary

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22 Apr 2024
Spark Curiosity: The Power of Inquiry-Based Learning

What is Inquiry-Based Learning? IBL transforms traditional teaching by turning students into active investigators, guided by their teachers through a process of exploration, such as: Ask questions: Curiosity is the foundation of IBL as teachers

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21 Mar 2024
Let's Start to Love the Subject You Hate

1. Dig into the "Why": Self-reflection is essential when you are having trouble with a subject. It is important to understand whether you dislike the subject matter or how it's being taught. Keeping a journal or talking to a friend can

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