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We educate students to be responsible-to-life individuals who are ready to face challenges and be a good leader for the community.

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We have 17 locations across Indonesia: Jabodetabek, West Java, Sumatera, and Kalimantan.


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“Sophia sangat menyukai sekolah dan tidak pernah mau melewati satu hari pun untuk hadir di sekolah. Karena dia menyukai pelajaran, para guru, dan teman-teman di Kinderfield School.”

Devi Yunitri Primary

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28 Agu 2023
The Importance of Critical Thinking

Problem-solving Critical thinking allows you to solve problems systematically and logically. It helps you identify the core causes of the issue, find many perspectives, and devise effective solutions. Decision-making Critical thinking mak

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28 Agu 2023
Why You Have to Strive for Excellence!

Self-fulfillment In a mission to pursue excellence, you will realize your full potential and achieve self-fulfillment, boosting your self-confidence and happiness. Improvement Striving for excellence pushes you to seek new knowledge, skil

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