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We educate students to be responsible-to-life individuals who are ready to face challenges and be a good leader for the community.

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We have 17 locations across Indonesia: Jabodetabek, West Java, Sumatera, and Kalimantan.


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Saya bersyukur sekali tidak jadi menunda sekolah Enzo karena Enzo tetap mendapatkan materi yang baik serta selalu terdorong untuk melakukan aktivitas yang diberikan oleh sekolah. Enzo semakin hari semakin mandiri, semangat sekolah, dan tampak happy.

Rosalin Gunawan - Ibunda Enzo -

It's been a great experience for my child to be in such a nurturing environment. Thank you, Kinderfield!

Veronica A. Kindergarten B

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09 Sep 2022
How to Spot a Good Leader

Taking Initiative They start the task, encourage other people to do something and they do the job most people would forget to do. Planning & Executing They devise a plan, delegate tasks to their subordinates and they execute their ide

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09 Sep 2022
The Impact of Screen Time on Children’s Vision

However, what do all those hours of screen time do to our eyes? According to opthamologists, too much screen time negatively impacts the health of children and adults' eyes. Screen time can affect kids' eyes in the following ways: Eye strain /

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