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We educate students to be responsible-to-life individuals who are ready to face challenges and be a good leader for the community.

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We have 17 locations across Indonesia: Jabodetabek, West Java, Sumatera, and Kalimantan.

It's been a great experience for my child to be in such a nurturing environment. Thank you, Kinderfield!

Clarina Oktavia Kindergarten B

The latest updates of Kinderfield - Highfield School.

06 Jan 2022
Hello 2022, I am Proud of Myself, My Family, and All Kinderfield - Highfield Family!

I'm proud of myself because I've been through the tough times this pandemic has given us. I admit that going through all the challenges & difficulties has made me and most of us, I believe, rely on and draw closer to God Almighty. Furthermo

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03 Jan 2022
Ways to Improve Self-Development

Self-awareness You need to know yourself as well as possible, including recognizing your weaknesses and strengths. Observe others Look around you and find out the various shortcomings that need to be corrected. Learn new things Learning new thing

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