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09 Sep 2022
How to Spot a Good Leader

Taking Initiative They start the task, encourage other people to do something and they do the

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09 Sep 2022
The Impact of Screen Time on Children’s Vision

However, what do all those hours of screen time do to our eyes? According to opthamologists, too muc

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08 Jul 2022
Pentingnya Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini

Mengapa anak perlu dibekali dengan Pendidikan Usia Dini? Memberikan Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini yan

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25 Jan 2022
#Hello 2022, I am Proud of Myself!" Story from Kinderfield BSD Family

Questions:  You have passed 2021 with many ups and downs. Are you proud of yourself for goin

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06 Jan 2022
Hello 2022, I am Proud of Myself, My Family, and All Kinderfield - Highfield Family!

I'm proud of myself because I've been through the tough times this pandemic has given us. I

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03 Jan 2022
Ways to Improve Self-Development

Self-awareness You need to know yourself as well as possible, including recognizing your weaknesses

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27 Des 2021
Let's Reminisce Our Big Year; 2021 [Mr. Mikhael Hamonangan]

2022 is just a few days ahead; many things changed due to this pandemic. It feels different than bef

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24 Des 2021
Let's Reminisce Our Big Year; 2021 [Ms. Santi Gunawan]

When we reminisce on 2021, which is coming to an end, we should thank God for being with us througho

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23 Des 2021
Let's Reminisce Our Big Year; 2021 [Ms. Een Haeni]

2021 was still the year of pandemic. We still lived in fear of contracting such a deadly virus witho

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