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Welcome to Kinderfield - Highfield School Bogor!

Welcome to the Kinderfield - Highfield School Bogor official web page.

Preschool & Kindergarten

Welcome to Kinderfield School Bogor.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. I would like to thank the Preschool-Kindergarten’s parents for trusting your child's education with Kinderfield School Bogor. I would also like to welcome our students. We’d create memories together throughout your learning process in Kinderfield School Bogor.

Every child has their own weaknesses, strengths, and potential. At Kinderfield School Bogor, we recognize this uniqueness and we encourage them to embrace it. We will guide our students to develop their knowledge, social skill, manners, collaboration and their characters. We are pleased to be part of your learning and growing process here in Kinderfield School Bogor.

And lastly, feel free to contact us for further information.

Devi Melvianti, S.Pd.
Principal of Kinderfield School Bogor
Preschool & Kindergarten


Primary & Secondary

Let me welcome you to Kinderfield-Highfield Bogor! As a leading school in Bogor, we are determined to educate our students and prepare them with all the necessary skills to compete in the real world. We implement a holistic approach to our daily teaching and learning process.

Our students are expected to excel in both academic and non-academic skills. We also shape and motivate our students to have various knowledge as well as good characters. At Kinderfield -Highfield, we believe applying these virtues in daily life will make each student a future leader.

All of us at Kinderfield-Highfield Bogor will work alongside parents as one team to bring the best out of every student. We can help and guide our students to achieve their goals through fun learning experiences and become adaptive to the environment.

Join us and experience a marvelous journey of the lifelong learning process to create the next future generation at Kinderfield-Highfield Bogor!

Birnadeta Krisnawati, M.Pd.
Principal of Kinderfield Primary School Bogor
Principal (PLT) of Highfield Secondary School Bogor

Discovery Room

A classroom equipped with Montessori education tools that help children discover and learn about their five senses to help develop their learning abilities.

Dramatic Play Room

A Dramatic Play Room is a place students can go to pretend, imagine, and be creative. Students can pretend to be anyone and do anything. It is a place that promotes high-level thinking and problem-solving.

Dramatic Play Room

A Dramatic Play Room is a place students can go to pretend, imagine, and be creative. Students can pretend to be anyone and do anything. It is a place that promotes high-level thinking and problem-solving.

Spacious classrooms with AC

All Kinderfield Bogor classrooms are equipped with air conditioning units.

Computer Room

Computer Room to learn new things through educational programs, movies, and games.

KDF Bogor - Classroom

Continuing to develop the learning process, we provide classrooms that are air-conditioned, protected with CCTV, and each classroom has a projector. Our classrooms are also uninterrupted by outside distraction.

KDF Bogor - Computer Room
Computer Room

Catching up with 21st technologies, we conduct computer lessons so that our children learn many computer programs related to their ability and knowledge.

Badminton Court

Think you need to brush up your serve and smash techniques? Test your speed, agility, and power at our badminton court. You can practice your badminton skills rain or shine at this indoor badminton court on the 5th floor.

KDF Bogor - Mini Soccer Field
Mini Soccer Field

We provide a soccer field that is built half sized of the Olympic standard where our children have the opportunity to practice soccer.


With a collection of more than 500 English, Chinese and Indonesian Language books, our Library provides educational, recreational, and cultural resources for our students. It has a large collection of picture books, fiction, and non-fiction books.

Swimming Pool

Our school conducts swimming classes in our PE curriculum as well as in our co-curricular activities. We have one kiddie pool for early years and one for bigger students.

School Building

We welcome you to Kinderfield School Bogor. This is the front of our school where we have our soccer field, road and our school lobby.

School Location & Map

Kinderfield Highfield Campus Bogor
Preschool - Primary
Jl. Lawanggintung No. 55

 (0251) 8575737

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