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Welcome to Kinderfield BSD City!

Principal of Kinderfield BSD

In today’s world, schools are expected to perform innumerable tasks to meet requirements and standards. Preschools are recognized as one of the first institutions, outside of the family, to shape and mold young minds in preparation for a bright future.

Kinderfield BSD is committed to the first step of building a strong foundation for each child to reach his highest level of potential. We are dedicated to create a positive learning environment to prepare children to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and independent individuals who have problem-solving skills to fulfill a productive role as responsible citizens in our society.

Kinderfield’s motto “Responsible-to-life generation” is the spirit which drives us to always put great effort in educating children as well as building their characters and skills to cope with the future’s challenges and expectations.

Kinderfield BSD is the right partner for parents in educating children. We welcome you to visit us and have guided school tour during office hour. Please contact us for further information and get free trial class by appointment.

With warmest regards,

Ms. Een Haeni
Principal of Kinderfield BSD

KDF BSD - Classroom

All Kinderfield BSD classrooms are air-conditioned, spacious and conducive for children to learn.

KDF BSD - Discovery Room
Discovery Room

Our discovery room is a classroom equipped with Montessori educational tools that help children discover and learn about their five senses to foster their learning abilities.

KDF BSD - Gymnastic Room
Gymnastic Room

Our gym room is where our children can develop their motor skills and get moving.

KDF BSD - Dramatic Play Room
Dramatic Play Room

A Dramatic Play Room is a place students can go to pretend, imagine, and be creative. Students can pretend to be anyone and do anything. It is a place that promotes high-level thinking and problem-solving.

KDF BSD - Computer Room
Computer Room

Our computer room is where our children develop their computer skills and learn new things through educational computer programs, movies, and games.

KDF BSD - Reading Corner
Reading Corner

Our reading corner is filled with many books that our children can dive themselves into and develop their language skills while gaining new knowledge.

KDF BSD - Indoor Playground
Indoor Playground

Our indoor playground is where our children can run and play with their friends.

School Location & Map

Kinderfield School BSD
BSD Junction, Lantai P2, Blok R1
Jl. Pahlawan Seribu, BSD City
Tangerang Selatan

 (021) 53162067 / 53162068

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