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Welcome to Kinderfield - Highfield Cirebon!

We offer Infant and Toddler Classes, Preschool, and Kindergarten in Pamitran Campus; Primary and Secondary School in Samadikun Campus.


As a principal of Kinderfield School Cirebon, I have the honour to meet incredible students and parents who have the spirit of learning and success in life. I am always excited and look forward to working with supportive and involved parents who play a significant part in the children's achievement. Our dedicated, care, passionate, and highly skilled teachers and staff are ready to guide and teach children to develop their best potential.

We provide excellent facilities on both campuses to ensure that our students achieve the very best platform to build up a set of continuous and independent learners, which in turn, will have the strength of character and resilience to be responsible for their lives.

We will continue enhancing and strengthening the success of children's education journey in Kinderfield School Cirebon.

Ms. Intani Prajaswari, S.IP, M.Pd
Principal of Kinderfield Preschool, Kindergarten, & Primary Cirebon



It is with pleasure that I welcome you to Highfield Secondary School Cirebon. Our focus is on helping students reach their full academic potential, developing moral character, and acquiring social confidence and responsibility giving them the quality education they deserve. Along with intellectual diversity, the different life experiences and approaches our staff brings to our school help us understand and meet the needs of our work’s ultimate beneficiaries - our students.

I firmly believe that a good teacher acts as a facilitator rather than an authoritarian in the classroom. Therefore, we see to it that our curriculum is student-centered, giving them activities and topic discussions that best fit their differentiated learning styles.

Planning must be versatile in order to meet the diverse needs of all students. Through integrated thematic units, there will be plenty of opportunity for hands-on experiences, risk-taking, creativity, and problem-solving so that students of all levels can be involved in the learning process.

With our new building, we can assure you that we can give the best facilities our students need for their studies. Classrooms are highly equipped to aid students with their learning. The student lounge serves as a recreation area as well as a place to study. Laboratory Rooms (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) are fully furnished with science equipment and materials. The Rooftop basketball court can accommodate a 3 vs 3 basketball match. These are only a few of the new facilities that our incoming and returning students can look forward to.

I assure you that Highfield Secondary School Cirebon is a school worthy of your serious attention and consideration, and I welcome your interest in our exciting school. It gives me great pleasure to invite you to seek an appointment with me or other members of staff to discuss the educational needs of your child. I am confident that our institution can assist you in this most important decision.

Kenn Calde Manipula, LPT, M.S.Mngt.
Principal of Highfield Secondary School Cirebon

School Location & Map

Kinderfield Highfield Campus Cirebon
Primary – Secondary

Jl. Kapten Samadikun No. 33
 (0231) 234405

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