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It gives me great pleasure, on behalf of all the staff, children, and parents, to warmly welcome you to Kinderfield Primary School Depok website. We hope you find the information you have been searching for.

In Kinderfield Primary School Depok, each school year will provide important transitions and the acquisition of new skills that will enhance each student’s ability to apply learning in many ways. Let us build more skills in adaptability to new situations and develop new skills more quickly. We believe that in order to be more adaptive, we must look for positive ways rather than identifying why change will not work, adapt to change and new ways more easily and quickly, show willingness to learn new methods, and respond positively to change and the challenges and opportunities it brings. By developing the ability to respond to changes, student engagement will significantly correlate with positive academic skills.

Along with teachers and support staff, we will continue to work hard to ensure each student reaches their individual potential while becoming compassionate and creative global citizens of the 21st century in a safe, nurturing environment. 

In conclusion, remember that education is a journey, not a destination, and that with hard work, perseverance, and a growth mindset, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I wish you all an excellent school year! 

If you would like to book a viewing of the school, please contact us via the school office, and we will gladly book you in. We look forward to welcoming you and your children to our school.







Elfrida Butar Butar, S.Pd
Principal of Kinderfield Primary School Depok



It is my pleasure to welcome you to this Academic Year. I hope you are recharged and ready to start your new journey at Kinderfield - Highfield School. 

I hope you can learn new things every day and get an exciting experience this year. Keep doing your best in everything you do and make yourself grow as a more responsible student.

Once again, welcome back to school! Let's make another great and memorable year together.

For further information, please contact us to 0858-1766-2711 / 0811-1469-998

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