Fun-filled Field Trip with Kinderfield School

Fun-filled Field Trip with Kinderfield School

A Day of Discovery: Our Fun-filled Field Trip with Kinderfield School Kindergarten Level!

Every child deserves a chance to explore and learn beyond the classroom walls. Our little ones at Kinderfield School recently embarked on an exciting field trip that sparked their curiosity and left them with unforgettable memories. 

Where did we go?

From February 19th until March 8th, several Kinderfield schools have visited these exciting places: 

  • Pabrik Boneka Tristar - Kinderfield Duren Sawit, Tebet, Puri, Simprug, Bekasi, Cinere
  • Bounce Street Asia - Kinderfield Depok, Cibinong, Sunter
  • Museum Tekstil - Kinderfield BSD 1 & BSD 2
  • Trans Snow World Bintaro - Kinderfield Sudirman

Engaging Activities and Eager Minds

  • Pabrik Boneka Tristar

With the most participants, our enthusiastic kindergarteners went on a little tour around the doll factory with a guide explaining the doll-making process. Then, they had free time in the showroom to play with any dolls they liked. They also got a free doll, where they were taught to stuff the remaining cotton and pull the string to close the gap.

  • Bounce Street Asia

The moment our Kinderfield explorers stepped foot at Bounce Street Asia, their eyes sparkled with amazement. The day was filled with engaging activities that catered to their inquisitive minds and energetic spirits. Some of the activities require them to use their teamwork and cognitive skills. After a few hours of physical activity, the children were still enthusiastic and eager to spend their free time playing and jumping around. 

  • Museum Tekstil

Our field trip to Museum Tekstil was a resounding success and a great way to introduce the children to one of our finest heritage: Batik. The kindergarten students from Kinderfield BSD-1 and Kinderfield BSD-2 learned the story behind Batik making and hands-on making their own Batik. It was a day filled with discovery, exploration, and pure joy.

  • Trans Snow World

Who said there is no snow in Indonesia? The Trans Snow World is an excellent place for children to learn about the snow and ice ecosystem. They were given explanations for how animals such as penguins and polar bears can survive in cold weather. Playing is one of the best ways for children to learn, as they had a blast sledding in the snow.

Beyond the Classroom Walls

Field trips offer children a valuable opportunity to learn in a more hands-on and immersive way. At Kinderfield School, we believe that these experiences play a vital role in a child's overall development.  

Memories in the Making

All four different destinations have one thing in common: the smiles on the children's faces throughout the day were truly heartwarming. Not only did they acquire new knowledge, but they also created lasting memories with their classmates and teachers. 

We at Kinderfield School are grateful for these opportunities to provide our students with a well-rounded education that extends far beyond the classroom.

Looking Forward to More Adventures!

This is just one of the many exciting adventures that await our Kinderfield learners. We are always looking for new and engaging ways to spark their curiosity and help them develop their love for learning. Stay tuned for more blog posts about our future field trips!

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