Message From Founder

A warm welcome to Kinderfield-Highfield School

We believe in the power of strong collaboration between our Core Curriculum, Personal Development, Thinking Behavior, and Talent Development.   We urge and enable every teacher and every student to discover and achieve their personal best to become leaders of their own journey as a Responsible-to-Life person.

A warm welcome to Kinderfield-Highfield School.

Kinderfield-Highfield School is equally committed to the pursuit of excellence in academic and personal growth. We provide challenging- educational opportunities and a carefully designed curriculum made by our team in the Head Office. On top of this all, we also aim to encompass a broad spectrum of experiences and urge every teacher and student to achieve their personal best as leaders of their own journey. With that being said, our goal is to teach our community to live a responsible life in accordance with our motto 'Responsible-to-Life'.

This idea came to me as I was reflecting on my own life, where I have always strived to take responsibility for all my actions, and decisions. What 'Responsible to Life' means is taking accountability for all our choices and all the paths we take in our lives. There is not a wrong choice, there is only a choice and consequence whether it would be a rewarding consequence or not so rewarding. Whatever that consequence is, we should be responsible for it because after we all we are the leaders of our own life. And through this school, we hope to pass this ideology onwards to our students, faculty, community, and their families and friends. 

Our school is always growing just as technology continues to develop. To align with the advancement of current technology and as a COVID-19 reformation, we have launched Kinderfield Online Learning Program (KOLP). This program will provide a more accessible and inclusive learning opportunity to children in cities where we do not currently have offline operations. 

Please explore our website to learn more about us! If you have any questions please contact us. We hope you become part of our family.

Ms Justitia Kinderfield Highfield School Founder