Program Development Officer Primary

Program Development Officer Primary

Kinderfield Head Office is looking for a PDD Staff for English primary (Grade 1 - 6)

  • Diploma / Master Degree in English or Education.

  • At least 2 years of experience in teaching English at schools.

  • Max. age of 40.

  • Required Skills:

  • Adept in English and teaching it to Primary students

  • Making Syllabus, Lesson Plan, Yearly & Semester Plan, Worksheet, Exam Paper, and other teaching materials

  • Knowledge transfer to teachers in the form of curriculum meetings and/or trainings

  • Well-versed in National and International Curriculum (Cambridge, Common Core, IB, etc.)

  • Knowledge of English and a variety of strategies for engagement, instruction, and assessment

  • Adaptable to changes 

  • The ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment

  • Good Communication Skills with team members, teachers, and other related parties

  • Exceptional interpersonal, organizational, and project management skills

  • Strong analytical skills to learn and develop curriculum/program

  • Excellent customer service attitude

  • Having a Responsible-to-Life attitude

  • Open for part-timer/project-based professional

Application Form (General Position)