Kinderfield School Puri

Welcome to Kinderfield School Puri!

"Let us create an unforgettable experience and sail through this academic year enthusiastically!"

Principal of Kinderfield Puri

As Home learning became the new normal, I would like to tell these things to my dearest students:
1. Be brave! You may experience some difficulties to grasp the lessons. Don't be frightened, we are here to look after and help you.
2. Be confident! All of you are doing great in different ways.
3. Be grateful! In the middle of this pandemic, you are healthy, safe, and sound.
4. Be happy! You may miss your friends and school, though now you have lots of time to spend with your family.
5. Be optimistic! Soonest we will learn, play, and laugh together again at school.

I know well that today is difficult for you, though I believe that someday you will look back at this moment proudly and happy because all of does a great job battling this pandemic. Let us create an unforgettable experience and sail through this academic year enthusiastically!

Elisabeth A Rosyadi
Principal of Kinderfield Puri

KDF Puri - Computer Room
Computer Room

A computer room is important to enhance the scientific and technological research and invention capacity of students.

KDF Puri - Discovery Room
Discovery Room

The Montessori method is suitable for a very young child to develop some important life skills. In our Discovery room, students learn independently through manipulating the Montessori apparatus.

KDF Puri -  Indoor Playground
Indoor Playground

Our indoor playground is floored with full mattress and is completed with a set of fun play equipment.

KDF Puri -  Futsal Court
Futsal Court

Futsal court is used for sports activities and can also be used for assembling or conducting events.

KDF Puri - Library

Our library support student's learning activities through reading books.

KDF Puri - Infant & Toddler Classroom
Infant & Toddler Classroom

Our classroom for infants & toddlers is floored with a mattress to ensure safety and is filled with an indoor play area to develop our children's motor skills.

KDF Puri - Primary Classroom
Primary Classroom

Our primary classroom has individual tables appropriately sized for primary students, a whiteboard and bulleting boards to show announcements and students' work.

KDF Puri - Preschool & Kindergarten Classroom
Preschool & Kindergarten Classroom

Our classroom for Preschool & Kindergarten is spacious and conducive for a learning environment.

KDF Puri - Outdoor Playground
Outdoor Playground

Our outdoor playground is spacious and always monitored.

KDF Puri - Parking Lot
Parking Lot

Our parking area is spacious and secured.

School Location & Map

Kinderfield School Puri
Apartemen Puri Park View
Tower D Lt. 1 No. 10
Jalan Pesanggrahan No. 88
Meruya Utara, Kembangan

 (021) 22544145 / 22544100

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