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Preschool Kindergarten

Children are special in their own ways and we as parents have a responsibility to assist and facilitate them to meet their needs of learning. Kinderfield School offers you a comfortable environment where they can learn more through fun activities. We believe children will develop skills and build good characters to be a leader in the future and to be responsible for their lives as well.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact and visit us.

Ms. Janne Tobing
Principal of Kinderfield Preschool Kindergarten Sunter



We are a group of dedicated people, both academic and support staff that truly do put the children first.

Our goal, here in Kinderfield School Sunter, is to ensure all students become critical thinkers, active problem-solvers, diligent readers, and researchers. Hence, students have a choice of a wide range of opportunities in sports, arts, and community service which enrich the curriculum. We do all of this to prepare the students for the demands of the real world, so they may become Responsible-to-Life future leaders that give back something constructive to the community.

At last, we are looking forward to working with students and parents in creating an even more exciting journey ahead.

Feel free to contact the school for further information and make time to see the excellent work achieved by our students.

Mr. Antonius Djatmiko
Principal of Kinderfield Primary Sunter

Gym Room

Gym Room

Indoor Playground

With more room to play in, children are often more active when outside, which helps them to build strong bones and good fitness levels.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool


Where children learn new things through books.

KDF - Sunter Preschool Classroom
Preschool Classroom

Our preschool and kindergarten classrooms provide a safe and fun learning environment for our children to grow.

KDF Sunter - Classroom 1

Our primary classroom provides a comfortable learning environment for our children.

KDF Sunter - Laboratory

Our school provides a Science laboratory for our Primary students to do experiments.

School Location & Map

Kinderfield School Sunter
Jl. Taman Sunter Indah Blok A3 No. 25

 (021) 22653865

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