Why I Start to Live Zero-Waste

Why I Start to Live Zero-Waste (A Story by Ms Dewi, PDD Primary Team)

"Overconsumption is one of the reasons why I started my zero-waste journey. Every time I visited a shopping mall, I always bought things that I didn't need to pamper myself."

Then one day, I realize that overconsumption harms not only my pocket but also the Earth. If I do always overbuy, I produce more trashes.

Maurilla Imron is my inspiration for having a zero-waste lifestyle. She is the founder of Zero Waste Indonesia, the first zero-waste community in Indonesia. Check @zerowasteindonesia if you want to learn more about zero-waste.

Starting a zero-waste journey is like fasting. I try to stop buying things that I don't need. I bring my zero-waste kit wherever I go, so I will not produce more trashes. I start learning to compost my organic trash. Going zero waste doesn't mean you don't produce trash anymore. It is about being conscious about what you consume and what you have and the impact on our Earth.

Ms Dewi Natalia
PDD Primary Team


Thumbnail/banner image courtesy: https://cleanomic.co.id/

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