Why Self-Love is Important

Why Self-Love is Important

Self-love means that we accept ourselves fully, treat ourselves with kindness and respect, and nurture our growth and well-being. But do we need Self-Love in our life? Is it important for us? Here is an opinion from Ms. Deasy, a Director of Kinderfield-Highfield Head Office, about the importance of Self Love.

Self-love is essential as it is one of the keys to our well-being and mental health. Taking good care of our self, accepting and embracing our self are forms of self-love. When we love and accept ourselves, we would be able to make healthier choices in life. We will then be able to help, make an impact, and inspire others positively and healthily.

Moreover, in this challenging season that we are now facing, our well-being should be on top of the list of our priorities. We ought to work toward establishing our serenity, productivity, and wellness, for none of us knows how long the crisis will last. Allowing our self to work through what we are feeling right now, embracing the 'new normal,' and focusing intensely on our physical and psychological security are also forms of self-love. Thus, we can redirect our energies and support to our loved ones and those in need.”

Ms. Deasy Ria Santy
(Kinderfield-Highfield Head Office Executive Director)


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