Let's Reminisce Our Big Year; 2021 [Ms. Santi Gunawan]

Let's Reminisce Our Big Year; 2021 [Ms. Santi Gunawan]

When we reminisce on 2021, which is coming to an end, we should thank God for being with us throughout the pandemic; for the health, protection, blessing, and for strength to face all the turbulence.

We have to endure longing to meet distant families, even when they are sick, we can only meet through video calls. We must forget the very coveted vacation to unwind from work. We can't even just visit the mall or restaurant. Fortunately, there are e-commerce platforms that help to ease our life.

The middle of this year is the most distressing where the sound of an ambulance is heard every day, sad news appears too often on the cell phone screen, and if we want to see the news, we have to be mentally prepared or better not to know.

This year we were also challenged to work harder and dare to try new things. Working from home has to be admittedly more tiring. Responsibilities for work and home now all have to be done well at the same time. Including assisting children’s online school.

The vaccines that we have received surely provide some relief, and we begin to feel safe doing activities outside the house, of course, by following strict health protocols.

Conditions that have begun to recover towards the end of this year provide a glimpse of happiness and hope for this country and all of us to rise for better lives.

Let's get excited about 2022!


Ms. Santi Gunawan

(Public Relations & Marketing Manager in Kinderfield - Highfield Head Office)

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