4 Inspiring Characters from 2021 Movies #1

4 Inspiring Characters from 2021 Movies #1

Watching movies can be an excellent choice to refresh our minds and entertain us. The conflict, conversations, storyline, and characters can be the perfect combination to present us with another story that maybe we haven’t ever had. The characters in the movie sometimes make the movie memorable and hard to forget. Sometimes they inspire us with the positivity they present in the scene. The Public Relations Team from Kinderfield - Highfield Head Office Team already picks some inspiring characters from 2021 movies that we think are memorable, lovable, and make the storyline stronger. Here they are!

Army of the Dead - Ludwig Dieter

Hard to forget, Ludwig Dieter, the sincere one, did something heroic with his sacrifice by giving his life to save Vanderohe at the end of the movie. It’s sweet and memorable. There’s nothing more amazing than the sacrifice from someone. 


Army of the Dead - Marianne Peters

There is no funnier character than Peters! It’s true. Everything that she says in the scenes represents her brilliance and sense of humor. Peters also has a brave and kind personality that makes her so adorable. Can’t believe that she has to die in the movie!


The Black Widow - Natasha Romanoff

Natasha Romanoff is a fantastic character, slicked up with her skilled spy and physical combatant. Natasha can easily beat Thaddeus Ross and his men. Her heart is the best thing that makes her very special and becomes the spotlight in the movie. She can still preserve her humanity and be a loving and kind person, although she has had so much pain since she was a child.


To All the Boys: Always and Forever - Lara Jean

Education and passion are things that are important for someone’s future. Lara Jean realizes her passion and desire are to study at New York University, which is a hundred miles away from Peter Kavinsky (her boyfriend). But Lara Jean still stands steadfast in her decision to go to New York because she thinks that it’s the best decision for herself. Lara Jean is faced with many choices and learns that her happiness is not always related to peter. She finally learns that she has to choose what’s best for her. Her kind, loving, caring, and clever personality also makes her stunning in the whole story!

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