Hello 2022, I am Proud of Myself, My Family, and All Kinderfield - Highfield Family!

Hello 2022, I am Proud of Myself, My Family, and All Kinderfield - Highfield Family

Happy new year to all my Kinderfield – Highfield Family, may this year bring us health, happiness, and prosperity. We enter 2022 with gratitude and hope for a better life. What happens in 2021 can be a valuable lesson and life experience for this year's journey.

I'm proud of myself because I've been through the tough times this pandemic has given us. I admit that going through all the challenges & difficulties has made me and most of us, I believe, rely on and draw closer to God Almighty.

Furthermore, I am grateful that my family is doing well and has become more intimate as we spend most of the pandemic time at home. This pandemic also teaches us how valuable it is to see our family members in good health and reminds us to care for our family and friends more than ever.

I am proud to be a part of the Kinderfield - Highfield Head Office team where we work as a team that supports each other and works wholeheartedly to provide quality education for all students. Not only in the head office but I believe that the entire Kinderfield - Highfield school team has worked extra miles so that the students' learning during this pandemic meet the essential learning target.

Every year has its own challenges and so does this year. We don't know what will happen in the days ahead, but we will succeed in facing problems if we do the truth, establish good relations with the people around us, continue to develop ourselves, and present God in our lives.

Cheers for 2022, let's get excited!


Ms. Santi Gunawan
(Public Relations & Marketing Manager in Kinderfield - Highfield Head Office)

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