How to Spot a Good Leader

How to Spot a Good Leader

Leaders all come in different types and forms! Leaders need a different abilities to fulfill different roles, but there a few characteristics all good leader you may identify in someone.

  1. Initiative

    • Good leaders take the initiative to start a conversation about the task they are doing.

    • They are the first people to encourage other people to do something. 

    • They do the job most people would forget to do.

  2. People - managing 

    • Good leaders listen to their subordinates. 

    • They delegate small tasks to their subordinates 

    • They encourage and bring their subordinate together to achieve a specific goal

  3. Planning & executing

    • They are able to devise a plan by coming up with ideas and delegate them to their subordinates.

    • Then they can execute their ideas according to their plan.

  4. Stubbornness

    • Good leaders will not settle for less, if they want it to be done in a certain quality they will not accept anything but that. 

  5. Responsibility

    • Good leaders take charge of any task they’re doing and they do it well. 

    • They take accountability for the result.


Jospehine Kania Valyne

(Public Relations and Marketing Intern)

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