Let's Reminisce Our Big Year; 2021 [Mr. Mikhael Hamonangan]

Let's Reminisce Our Big Year; 2021 [Mr. Mikhael Hamonangan]

2022 is just a few days ahead; many things changed due to this pandemic. It feels different than before this pandemic began. I used to see the smiles, laughter, and greetings from the students on my way to the 3rd floor (The Head Office) every day. Their smiles made my day.  However, I realize that their health is the most important now.

I am grateful that I could pass this almost year with the best work I could give to Kinderfield-Highfield School. Also, I am grateful that I could work in Kinderfield - Highfield with the best team. Good communication has become our priority to create and produce the latest Kinderfield - Highfield information through social media.

I am really happy that Kinderfield - Highfield has given the trust to me to do some video projects and more designs for content in Kinderfield-Highfield social media. Digital Marketing nowadays has become important since we can get all the information on almost all the topics we need.

The parent and prospective student can easily find all the information they need about the school they would take. I am proud to be a part of the front line who worked in Kinderfield-Highfield and presented all of Kinderfield - Highfield's best qualities.


Mr. Mikhael Hamonangan

(Public Relations & Marketing Team in Kinderfield-Highfield Head Office)

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