Let's Reminisce Our Big Year; 2021 [Ms. Een Haeni]

Let's Reminisce Our Big Year; 2021 [Ms. Een Haeni]

2021 was still the year of pandemic. We still lived in fear of contracting such a deadly virus without any cure insight. But there were some incredible moments beyond that I wanted to highlight. 

I learned that anything is possible when it comes to protecting life. Covid-19 had given us some positive experiences and responses that we could not have imagined before the pandemic. I learned to care for each other. The government’s decision to close all learning institutions at the right time, was above all, caring for the life and survival of the young generation. I learned that if we didn’t care about people’s lives and didn’t take serious preventative measures, the human race would perish.

I learned that this condition had pushed our limit to creating a unique opportunity to reflect on how we build a resilient society and education system that will focus on how it reaches  every child regardless of location, individual or family status. We have been challenged to rethink the best way to educate the next generation, and how to prepare learners for an unpredictable future in a rapidly changing society. 

(Ms. Een Haeni - Kinderfield School BSD Principal)

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