Life After Highfield Secondary School #1 by Deswen Jeremy

Life After Highfield Secondary School #1 by Deswen Jeremy

Only with quality education can I develop to be a better person and start impacting those around me. Thus, I always look for a great learning environment where my potential is not limited, a place where the challenge is embraced and not feared.

Hi everyone, I'm Deswen Jeremy. I graduated from Highfield in 2018, currently a final year Food Science and Nutrition student at a university in Jakarta. Apart from being a college student, I am now doing an internship at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as a summer business analyst.

My life at Highfield was joyful. I played soccer after school, hung out with friends in the cafeteria, and had long random conversations with teachers. One experience, in particular, that is stuck with me is joining the student council. I can vividly remember our evening meetings, brainstorming creative ideas, planning the project, writing proposals, and procuring the things we need. Every project execution was fun and hectic. It taught me the importance of having a great relationship in an organization, working effectively, and leading multiple individuals. I will always remember staying late to help set up tents or moving tables and briefing other members about how our day will look like. It's a special feeling and a precious experience that shaped me into who I am today.

Upon graduation, I pursued my interest in the food and nutrition industry. I carried the values that I acquired in Highfield: being responsible for life. Regardless of what task I was given and the path I chose, I gave my best effort and committed responsibility. These values helped me achieve an excellent academic performance. Upon graduating, I am looking forward to pursuing a Master's degree to help me establish a career in management consulting where I can contribute to the most challenging problems businesses and organizations face.

Food is an industry that will never die. Regardless of whatever happens, humans always need food. With more challenges such as climate change, urbanization, and changes in demand, the food industry is always coming up with innovations on how to provide the best quality of food using more efficient methods. I love challenges, and to know that I can solve problems while at the same time contributing to society is one of the major reasons why I chose Food Science and Nutrition.

Well, getting into university is exciting but also more problematic. As an undergraduate student, you are expected to be proactive. This means that there is no printed timetable that the teacher passes around. You have no teacher to come and guide you through every problem and be fed with every information you need. Being in the university means that I am responsible for myself and my academic performance. It means that I have to be more aware and tidier, have my study schedules, and have a proactiveness to approach lecturers for discussions when I'm confused. University is definitely more challenging, but Highfield Secondary School has contributed to preparing me for what was to come.

Apart from doing my studies, I also develop my soft and hard skills. I co-founded and led a debating club in my university for the last two years. Under my leadership, we were able to achieve in various competitions and make a national debating championship of our own. I also upskill myself in my spare time by taking extra courses unrelated to my major, be IT programming, competitive strategy, marketing, or even accounting. I believe that knowledge is power, and understanding more about different industries puts you in a better spot in an already saturated sea of bachelors. Currently, I am also interning at BCG as a Business Analyst. This internship is a prestigious opportunity for me to develop my problem-solving skills further and work with critical stakeholders in the industry.

My goal in life is to make an impact, and education is a big part of that. As Albert Einstein once said, "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education." Only with quality education can I develop to be a better person and start impacting those around me. Thus, I always look for a great learning environment where my potential is not limited, a place where the challenge is embraced and not feared.

For all the Highschool students, change your mindset, learn to love challenges instead of avoiding them. Human intelligence is not a fixed trait; you are never born 'smart' or 'stupid.' It's your own efforts that define you. So even if your academic results are not satisfying right now, remember that it does not define who you are. Identify your problems, work towards them. Also, join the student council or be part of a student organization where you're given responsibility. Those experiences will only make you a better person when you work independently or with other individuals. Finally, explore your interests. Do you think you want to pursue programming? Take courses now! Go to Coursera or Udemy, see if you can imagine doing it for four years (or even the rest of your life). This will help you truly identify what you want to study and be more prepared than other students when you're entering university.



Deswen Jeremy

Highfield Secondary School Alumni

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