School Readiness for Blended Learning

School Readiness for Blended Learning

Hi, welcome to the new school year 2021-2022. We hope you are ready to have a memorable journey this school year with high enthusiasm, along with enjoyable learning experiences.

The pandemic has been going on for more than a year now, and there were many things that we have gone through together. However, we believe that our school community is profoundly adaptive with an online learning model that has been carried out intensively. Although there are things that cannot be replaced by face-to-face learning and interactions, we have experienced and acquired new skills, knowledge, and understanding through online platforms without reducing the essence of the lesson itself.

We are proud of the resilience, perseverance, and adaptability of Kinderfield-Highfield students in the home learning process. With learning loss which has been the main concern of the home learning system, we can humbly convey that all Kinderfield-Highfield schools have successfully maintained all the essential portions of the learning targets compared to the time before the pandemic. With the hard work of all students, parents, teachers, and all school members, excellent results can be achieved, and hopefully, we can continue to maintain this achievement.

The central government has issued policies related to limited face-to-face learning. However, in the current pandemic situation, Kinderfield-Highfield students still have to experience much time learning from home. Along with the development of the situation, blended learning or a combination of limited face-to-face learning and online learning is an option that will be applied as soon as the situation allows.

Our schools have made detailed preparations required regarding limited face-to-face learning, ranging from safety measures, infrastructure, and other resources needed. Kinderfield-Highfield Schools have also developed strategies and ways to do the blended learning process as smoothly as possible. We respect parents' decision, whether it allows their child to follow the blended learning or choose for the child to take full home learning. Our schools will continue to accommodate both choices. 

We realize that the learning process will be successful with the cooperation of all school stakeholders. We thank you and the entire school community for your constant efforts to make these challenging conditions better. Let's work together to make this school year meaningful and full of fun experiences. Stay safe and healthy to all of us!


Best wishes,
Deasy Ria Santy, M.A.
(Kinderfield-Highfield School Head Office Executive Director)


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